Suburb Profiles


Margaret River hosts many international wine festivals and surfing competitions for much of the year. Bounded by ocean reefs to the west and the majestic oasis of the towering Karri and Jarrah Forests to the East, Margaret River is absolutely stunning. It has become the centre for the whole region, a magnet for tourists and the favourite weekend retreat for Perth city dwellers. Attractions include Mammoth Cave, World Class Surfing, World Class Wines and The Margaret River. HISTORY: The town and river were named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of John Garrett Bussell (founder of Busselton) in 1831. There was some settlement as early as the 1850s and the area was used for timber cutting from the 1870s. By 1910, the town had a hostel also operating as a Post Office.
After World War I, the town of Margaret River really became established. The Group Settlement Scheme, an attempt to attract migrants to Western Australia and open up the good rural land, attracted settlers to the town and in 1922 over 100 settlers moved into the district.