Suburb Profiles


Dunsborough, Western Australia. Voted WA's top tourism town in 1999, for the sheltered waters of Geographe Bay and the ideal setting with its quiet coves, sandy beaches, surrounding national park, nature reserves and scenic walking trails. Many of the South West Region's fine wineries and restaurants are located just a few kilometres from the centre of town. Dunsborough is around 3 hours drive from Perth, firstly along South West Highway (Route 1) and then the Bussell Highway (Route 10) once reaching Busselton. Dunsborough is enveloped by Geographe Bay. The Dutch named the southern tip of the coast "Leeuwin's Land" in 1622 but did not chart the coastline to the north. On May 30, 1801, Nicholas Baudin sailed up the coast rounded Cape Naturaliste and anchored in Geographe Bay. Both locations were named after his two vessels, the Geographe and the Naturaliste. Settlement of the area occurred from the movement of settlers from Augusta to Busselton in the 1830s and by 1845, Castle Rock Whaling Station was in operation. The town was proclaimed in 1877 but was little more than a few shacks until the mid-1950's. The name of Dunsborough is a mystery. A rumour says it was named after an American whaler named Dunn who settled in the area during the wet season and that the area simply became known as "Dunns Burrow" (Dunsborough). Dunsborough has a moderate-Mediterranean climate and is affected slightly more by prevailing winds than its neighbour Busselton. With warm Summers and cool Winters, the weather is a great mixture of hot and cold temperatures throughout the year.