Suburb Profiles


The area now comprising the suburb of Applecross was originally part of Swan Location 61 assigned to Lionel Lukin on the 28th May 1830. Scottish businessman and pioneer Alexander Matheson acquired the land in February 1896 and developed this area as part of the Melville Water Park Estate in 1896 and named it Applecross to remind him of his home village in Scotland.

Applecross is one of the earliest suburbs in the City of Melville area and was promoted as an elite area. Active during this early period was the old Coffee Point Shipyards and the Canning Bridge settlement.

Now recognised as one of Perth’s premium southern suburbs, Applecross is known for its established tree lined streets and close swan river proximity. With a mixture of substantial well maintained family homes and modern luxury properties, the suburb also boasts a good number of restaurants and coffee shops making for a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Just a short drive from the historical port of Fremantle and with easy access to Perth City, Applecross is a most desirable location.