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Perth lays claim to being a cosmopolitan city and with residents such as Brad Raynor of ACTON Fremantle it is no wonder.

"I was born in Singapore and grew up in Jakarta and Dubai," Brad said. "Then went to boarding school in the USA and studied at universities in America, the Middle East and WA."

When it came time to settle down Brad chose his father's home state of Western Australia.

Having worked overseas in the oil and gas industry as a logistics consultant, Brad saw his move to WA as a good time for a career change. He began his sales career working for Mercedes and was appointed head of Smart Cars in WA before deciding working in real estate was where he really wanted to be.

Brad and his colleague Glenn O'Connor-Smith from ACTON Projects are dedicated project Marketing Specialist working with developers to plan and market land estates and residential apartment developments.

"We are involved with some exciting projects with only several blocks of land still available in the successful Taylorsouth land estate in O'Connor and an $88.5 million dollar apartment development coming onto the market soon."

"Success breeds success" as the saying goes and Brad has been asked to market 2 apartment developments to be built on sites he sold as part of the Taylorsouth land estate.

Married with two young daughters, Brad admits to giving up golf because family and real estate have taken over his life.

"I am certainly not complaining though. I love my family and I eat, sleep and breath real estate which is just as well seeing as my wife is the licensee of a real estate business."

For a real estate specialist with his finger on the pulse of the market, call Brad Raynor of ACTON.

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