Boyd Fraser

Boyd Fraser

Sales Manager / Auctioneer

ACTON Fremantle

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Early in his working life Boyd Fraser honed his public speaking skills amongst fruiterers and other traders at the well-known Victoria Markets in Melbourne. His voice is now heard across Perth as one of the State’s leading auctioneers.

Mr Fraser has over 19 years’ experience in the property market, starting his career with Marshall White Real Estate in Melbourne, learning the listing and auction process with market leaders. He is a licensed auctioneer, specialises in premium property sales and has a large number of record sales under his belt.

As a passionate believer in the auction process he was surprised to find a lack of support for auctions among agents when he moved to Perth seven years ago.

“As time has gone by the market has embraced auctions more and more and ACTON is leading the way”

As ACTON’s Group auctioneer and part of the ACTON Auction Panel, Boyd will encourage a wider understanding and utilisation of the auction system throughout the Group and help current and beginner auctioneers develop their skills through more training and mentoring.

“Agent training is leading to greater knowledge and confidence from buyers and sellers and therefore greater usage of auctions. ACTON is leading from the front and the spearhead for consumer demand for this method. All of our agents are fully trained in the listing and selling process relating to auction and ACTON is the auction powerhouse of Perth and Western Australia.”

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