Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch

Property Manager

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Lisa is great to communicate and work with. She handles all of our requests with professionalism and is very time efficient, particularly when responding to emails/calls. 


Laura B

Lisa is courteous and efficient at all times, and always tries to assist and answer questions whenever possible. We have been extremely happy with her level of service and her knowledge about the industry.


Alex F

We have followed Lisa from a previous role as she gave us amazing service as a property manager. We found that we could leave the stress and worry about tenants in her capable hands and the property would handle itself under her management. When we had difficult tenants and an insurance claim, Lisa was on top of handling all of the logistics which was so important as we now live interstate. Lisa understands that our property is not just an investment, but that the house was once our home so we want it to be looked after as such. We cannot recommend her service enough. Thank you.


Katherine F

Lisa has been simply wonderful! She has helped me many times without hesitation, cheerfully but effectively. I’ve rented properties in both Australia and NZ for many years and while that period of my life is now coming to a close, I can say without hesitation that Lisa is a top performer. Love her work. I actually don’t think you could provide a better service to me. It is first class.


Philip K

Lisa Welch, well, we loved our previous property manager at Acton, yet Lisa takes that appreciation and approachability to new levels of excellence and delight. She supports everyone, the owners and the tenants and she empathises, cares and guides each with such great skill and kindness. Lisa is also a really lovely person. Someone who is just so 'real and down to earth.' Paradoxically, she's got that rare talent of being able to maintain a very professional standing, yet at the same time, you feel she is also someone you could easily invite in for a cuppa, [but she's always so busy!] It's truly a rare combination and we are both so delighted to be working side by side with Lisa Welch, who is currently helping us to bring the rental we just moved into, back to life and health. THANK YOU LISA. You truly are one of a kind fantastic!! 10 Stars. We love Lisa and would follow her to the moon and back and its why both the owners and tenants love her and seek her out as a property manager. She goes above and beyond and we hope she stays as our property manager.


Jacqui S

Superlative doesn't even begin to cover the professionalism; efficiency; knowledge of the property management breadth and detail; punctuality; trades recruitment ( they really turn up - on time and date!! ) and genuine warth and sensitivity shown to me by Lisa.

I have dealt with numerous property managers over 20 plus year period and Lisa is in a category of only 2 who are at the top of their vocation. 

I will remeber your kindness and generosity of spirit Lisa and know that all of your clients will be treated exactly as i have been. Well Done!

Thank you 


Jeff I

Lisa has been absolutely wonderful.


Jelena S

Lisa was friendly and honest. Had our best interests in mind. Moved things along very quickly. 


Isabella B

The agent Lisa is helpful, works over and above expectations and competent.


Sanda S

We are emailing at this time to wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and to express our thanks for all that you do in managing our property. Since our first meeting we have felt confident that in having you as our property manager we would be able to relax and trust that all would go well and our house would be well looked after. Your friendly, professional and capable approach at each step of the process has been reassuring. We value the quality of your communication with us, your patience with our questions, and ‘can do’ approach as issues arise that need to be addressed. From what we can tell you have also established a positive working relationship with the tenants, which is such a bonus to things going smoothly for all. Thank you for your dedication to your work.  


Fiona and Colin G

We have had an excellent experience with Lisa. She has been a very helpful and accommodating agent. She really stood out amongst many agents who refused to help with virtual inspections. We are very grateful for everything Lisa has done for us.


Ingrid F