Tenant Payment Information

Paying Rent 

The relationship between the landlord, property manager and the tenant can be a peaceful one only when all parties respect each other’s rights and take their own responsibilities seriously.

One of the key responsibilities of the tenant is to pay the rent on time. Timely payment of rent is essential if you want to live in the property and enjoy it as your own. If you fail to pay the rent, your Property Manager can legally evict you out of the property, which will result in finding another rental home highly difficult.

Timely payment 

Tenants must pay the rent as agreed in the lease agreement. The lease states the amount that you have to pay every payment period (e.g weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) and the day you need to pay it.

It is best practice to set up a electronic payment to ensure you pay on the correct day consistently. If you are paying your rent electronically, ensure you allow additional days to ensure payment is received by your property manager by the due date.  

A tenant ledger that shows consistent payment of rent is valuable when you wish to relocate to another rental property.

Payment Options 

Your Property Manager will provide you with a range of payment options when you sign the lease.

ACTON recommends the use of the DEFT Payment system: https://www.deft.com.au/

Please contact your Property Manager for your individual Tenant ID number for payment.