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C&R Settlements

C&R Settlements

Originally established in 1995 to service the Western Suburbs, C&R Settlements has grown to service all areas of Western Australia. The team has over 80 years combined experience in the handling of property settlements and much more. C&R Settlement's prime objectives are to achieve a timely settlement and keep you informed at all times.


Zettagrid is an award winning Australian IaaS Cloud provider. Zettagrid offers a highly automated national enterprise-grade cloud platform integrated with direct network connectivity. Zettagrid delivers customisable compute, storage, disaster-recovery and networking products for customers of any size from their national network and cloud Zones in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Jakarta. Zettagrid currently manages over 4000 Virtual workloads and 3500 telecommunications circuits from their Perth and Sydney offices.


Direct Memory Access (DMA) was established in August of 1994 through the partnership of Danny Ma with two dedicated colleagues, the company becoming wholly owned by Danny in 1996. Danny brought to the company a wealth of experience within the IT Industry, specifically regarding the manufacture of component parts and pre-built systems which were then distributed worldwide. Having relocated to Western Australia, Danny recognised the lack of a dedicated importer who could address the issues of high delivery costs and limited after sales support that existed in the local industry at the time.

With its founding, the focus of the company was placed firmly on addressing these problems and it soon illustrated a strong commitment to service by being the first importer to offer free delivery within the metro area.

Today, DMA have grown to be one of the largest wholesalers of computer hardware in WA. They are currently the top Microsoft (OEM) and Intel channel partners locally, and are tier one partners with Panasonic - the only in the state. The focus now, as when the company first began, is on a dedicated commitment to the provision of quality products competitively, backed up with solid after sales support.

Picasso Print & Design

Picasso Print & Design

Picasso Print and Design's manufacturing facility is centrally located in Osborne Park and uses state of the art technologies. Their unique arrangement of printing presses enables them to manage their client’s printing needs, from business cards, with comp slips, letterheads and presentation folders through to full colour marketing materials in the most efficient way, and always, with a primary focus on quality.

St Bartholomew's House


ACTON Applecross donates a percentage of the commission from each property we sell to the St Bartholomew's House in support of the amazing and important help they provide.

St Bartholomew’s House Inc (St Bart’s) was established in 1963 and has its origins in the work and Mission of the Anglican Church of Perth. From inception, with a few mattresses on the floor of a church hall at East Perth, St Bart’s now goes beyond providing a roof, a bed and food. They provide stability, support, care and life changing opportunities for homeless men and women. In this way they build trust, resilience, confidence and self esteem to help them reconnect with the wider community.

More than a mere shelter, St Bart’s is about the support and development of people. They engage those who experience and at risk of homelessness in their own recovery. They go on the journey with people, walking alongside, giving support and helping to find solutions that lead to a better life. St Bart’s treats people with compassion, respect, dignity and understanding. They have a facility on Lime Street East Perth and units scattered through the suburbs of Perth where over 500 homeless people have a safe place to sleep every night.